below are clickable links to all the supplies i use !
most of my supplies are from amazon.
all amazon links are affiliate links (meaning i get a small commission)
other stores will be indicated below:
YS = yesstyle
AE = aliexpress

⭒⁺‧͙ binder supplies ‧͙⁺⭒
supplies i use for my photocard collection
dragon shield sleeves
ultra pro card sleeves (clear)
ultra pro card sleeves (white)
mayday card size sleeves
popcorn sleeves (all sizes)
holo sleeves
holo heart sleeves
holo star sleeves (AE)
blank cards
color sticky notes
pantone sticky notes (YS)
transparent sticky notes
1 pocket pages
2 pocket pages
3 pocket pages (postcards)
3 pocket pages (horizontal)
4 pocket pages
6 pocket pages
8 pocket pages
9 pocket pages (ultra pro)
9 pocket pages (guardhouse shield)
1" binder
2" binder
4" binder
white binder dividers
"on the way/missing pc" binder fillers:
↳ designed myself & printed on gotprint
binder filler images
nct mark binder dividers: smtownandstore
⭒⁺‧͙ 5 pocket page binder ‧͙⁺⭒
my le sserafim ot5 binder
binder is from muji USA or korea & pocket pages are from muji korea

binder (dark grey)
binder (brown)
5 pc pocket pages
⭒⁺‧͙ a5 binder supplies ‧͙⁺⭒
supplies i use for my a5 binders
hardcover binder (all colors)
hardcover binder (more colors)
green sanrio binder
blue glitter binder (YS)
composition book binder
pokemon binder
brown binder
1, 2, 4 pocket pages: search "amifa" on mercari japan
OR mochithings
card holder sticker (horizontal)
card holder sticker (vertical)
deco stickers: oorichingoo & yesstyle
⭒⁺‧͙ collectbooks ‧͙⁺⭒
supplies i use for my collectbooks
most collectbooks are from ktown4u and daiso korea
brown bear collectbook
black happiness collectbook
mayday card size sleeves
⭒⁺‧͙ trade/sale supplies ‧͙⁺⭒
supplies i use to pack photocard trades/sales
penny/soft card sleeves
small card sleeves (for x2 sleeving)
resealable card sleeves
toploaders (25 pack)
toploaders (100 pack)
shipping shields
thank you cards (brown)
thank you cards (white)
washi tape
i also get washi tape from daiso!
skz stamp washi tape
washi tape dispenser
packing tape dispenser
"do not bend" stamp
custom business cards/freebies from moo
sticky pull tabs
stickers for freebies (1)
stickers for freebies (2)
stickers for freebies (3)
clear label stickers
thermal printer (for labels)
address labels for printer
⭒⁺‧͙ video supplies ‧͙⁺⭒
random things featured/used in videos
photocard sorting tray
photocard organizer box
cloud box cutter
sticker tweezers
sticker binder (YS)
large white album shelf
small white album shelf
skinny white album shelf
shelf extenders
plush hammock
⭒⁺‧͙ video equipment ‧͙⁺⭒
equipment i use to film my videos
lighting: my room lamps lol
editing software: lumafusion on ipad
thumbnail: phonto & procreate on ipad
camera: iphone 12 pro max